Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rolo Cookies

1 Pkg. Devils food cake mix
1/3 cup oil
2 eggs
about 24 Rolo candies, unwrapped
Mix all ingredients, except Rolos, batter will be thick...flatten about 1 TBS of dough in your hand and then wrap it around a Rolo...roll it around with the palms of your hands to make sure it is sealed... place on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 7 minutes... do not over bake...allow to cool for 4 minutes on the baking sheet before removing to a wire rack to cool...these are great fresh
I wasn't listening to a song while I made these, I was watching the Nate Berkus show and found out my design style is D.


  1. I'm going to but some Rolo's tomorrow, these look great!

    I'm stopping by from the over 40 blog hop.

  2. I am visiting from the 40+ blog hop. I am going to make the cookies!

  3. These look great, and the recipe is so simple. Thanks for sharing.

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    Mary O

  5. These look delicious!

    Happy Friday!

  6. Oh these look great. They remind me of a cookie I make with snickers and chocolate chip dough. Will be adding these to the menu next two weeks.

  7. Stopping by on the Follow Friday...Love your recipes! You just gained another follower!

  8. I'm a new follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!!! Sounds like a great recipe!

  9. Looks super easy, and super yummy!!! In fact every recipe I have browsed so far looks yummy :) Visiting, and following, via 40 and over blog hop. I am starting up a virtual Holiday sweets recipe exchange starting this Monday. Would love to have you come join in.

  10. I love Rolo's. Thanks for sharing these look so easy and so good.
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    Have a great weekend!

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